Trash & Recycling

Trash Collection & Recycling Services

Starting July 1, 2023, Titus Trash Services, Inc. will perform trash and recycling services for the Town of Poolesville.  Contact information: call or text 202-437-1785, email: 

Trash Collection - Depending on which side of Town you live, trash collection is every Monday and Thuday or Tuesday and Friday, except for some holidays. Click here for the collection schedule. All items must be placed curbside by 7 am on the scheduled pick-up day. Items placed in the common areas will not be collected.  

Recycling - Dual stream recycling and is picked up every Wednesday, except for some holidays.  Each residence will receive two recycling containers from Titus Trash.  The wheeled cart is for mixed paper items (paper and cardboard), and the smaller bin is for your commingled materials (glass/plastic/metal bottles, jars, cans, and containers).  Recycling items will not be collected if they are in plastic bags.

Yard Waste - collection is every Wednesday. Yard waste must be placed in brown paper yard waste bags or labeled re-usable containers.  Dirt, root balls, and mulch will not be picked up.

Holidays - Holidays observed are New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.         **If your pick up day falls on Thursday Nov 23rd - Thanksgiving Day, your trash will not be collected that day, but will be collected on Friday Nov 24th.

Bulk Pick-up - Each address is allowed one free bulk collection per quarter.   You must call Titus to schedule this service and see if your items are included in the free pick-up.  

Special Collection - Pick up for major appliances, fixtures, hot water heaters etc., can be arranged by calling Titus to arrange a pick up; these pickups take place on Wednesdays, and the fee for appliances is $25 per appliance.  

Each owner, occupant, or other responsible person shall provide metal, durable rubber or durable plastic refuse containers. The refuse containers shall be strong, durable, and rodent, bird, and insect-proof. Furthermore, except for containers which may be handled mechanically, the combined weight of any refuse container and its contents shall not exceed 60 pounds. Within 12 hours after these containers have been emptied, they shall be removed by the owner away from the street line until the next scheduled collection. Trash will not be collected if placed in a recycling container.

Titus provides specific recycling containers that are clearly defined as recycling containers and must be used for recycling collection.  Recycling materials will not be collected if placed in plastic bags as these are not recyclable.

If a Holiday falls on a regular collection day, the collection shall take place on the following weekday that is not a holiday.  Trash cans and recycling totes are to be placed upright and not obstruct the sidewalk or driveway.  A clear explanatory notice is to be left with material which is not collected.  

The following items are not accepted:
Asbestos, Poisons, acids, caustics,
Toilets and sinks
Ashes & Coal, Sawdust, dirt or mulch
Automotive parts, tires, oil, & liquids
Oil based or latex paints
building materials, drywall, concrete, bricks Mirrors, glass or windows
dead animals / animal carcasses,  medical waste
electronics & batteries
fire extinguishers & gas cylinders, pipes or sheet metal
fluorescent bulbs wood, lumber, pallets


Recyclables include:

The following is not Recyclable:

  • Any item that has a significant amount of food residue on it
  • Aerosol cans from hazardous products
  • Any containers that held automotive products or hazardous materials
  • Glass other than clear, brown or green, mirrors and window glass
  • Plastic bags, film or wrap
  • Non-bottle items from any type of #6 plastic
  • Carbon paper, leather bound books
  • Napkins, Paper Towels, Tissues

Yard Waste

  • Yard waste includes anything that grows naturally or falls from a tree
  • Placed in either yard waste bags or a re-usable labeled container, not exceeding 45 lbs
  • Branches less than 4 inches in diameter must be bundled in twine, bundles cannot be longer than 4 feet and 30 inches in diameter
  • Christmas trees will be picked up every Wednesday in January
  • No rocks, dirt, mulch, sawdust, sod, root balls, tree stumps or lumber accepted.

County Beautification Center 240-777-7623

The Beauty spot is operated by Montgomery County.  It is located at 19200 Jerusalem Road.  

For those who have a need for more than one bulky pick up per quarter and have the ability to transport items they can be taken to the Beauty spot. Hours and items accepted can be found on their website.

 Don’t Throw It Out, Donate It 

The Friendly Thrift Shop located at 17710 Elgin Road accepts donations of clothing and small household appliances.  Other charitable organizations like Salvation Army, Purple Heart and Value Village will accept various items from clothing and furniture to automobiles.

Shady Grove Transfer Station

The transfer station is another option for those who are able to transport items.  Information can be found at their website as to hours and items accepted.

Household Hazardous Waste

The county schedules dates, at various locations can be found on the link below: