A comprehensive multi-purpose recreational trail system was first proposed in the Town’s 1990 Master Plan. Because the Master Plan guides development in Poolesville, subdivisions have included dedicated land and/or right-of-ways for the trail system. Currently, there are approximately 7 miles of trails located in Hunter’s Run, Tama, Woods of Tama, Elizabeth’s Delight and on Fisher Avenue. Several segments such as Collier Circle Pond to L.M. Stevens Park, Whalen Commons to Tama, and Tama to the Woods of Tama include a pedestrian bridge and a section of raised boardwalk across wetlands.

A multi-purpose trail system provides Town residents with:
  • healthy transportation alternatives independent of the automobile
  • safe off-road transportation for pedestrians and bicyclists to access community schools, facilities, and businesses
  • wide-ranging active and passive recreational opportunities for residents of all ages and abilities

Poolesville Trail System Map

The Town of Poolesville has developed a map that shows potential walking and running trails that can be utilized by the locals for exercise. With the availability of numerous parks and sidewalks in the town, the trail map highlights some of the best areas for residents to exercise. The map has most of the trails originating at the Whalen Commons park next to Town Hall to allow for a common starting point. The map also includes an official 5k distance loop used for racing events. This map is made available to everyone through the town’s official sustainability website and was advertised through other online media. The project opens up potential for future trail maps to be placed on bulletins and signs at parks across town. With research showing the importance of access to walking trails, especially in rural communities, Poolesville has taken further steps to benefit the health and wellness of its residents.

Exercise Trail Map