Parks & Streets

Parks & Streets Department Responsibilities
Poolesville's parks and recreational facilities are some of the best and largest per capita of any nearby jurisdiction. The parks crews consisting of a superintendent and a 4 member maintenance crew mow roadsides, park facilities and other municipal areas. This crew of 5 have many other responsibilities which include street tree maintenance and plantings, road repairs, landscaping, trash clean-up, park equipment maintenance, streetlight maintenance, stormwater pond maintenance, snow removal and special events duties.
Field Play Conditions
Updated May 15, 2019

 Field Status


Halmos 1
Halmos 2
Halmos 3
Steven’s Park
Bodmer T-Ball
Fields will be inspected prior to 3:00 PM, weekdays. After hours and weekends the home team coach will determine if the field is playable. If the field is not playable, please send notification to