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Nov 06

Town and County Road Maintenance

Posted on November 6, 2014 at 2:22 PM by Charles Stump

I am posting this information due to the frequent inquiries about road conditions that we receive in Town Hall.

The Commissioners of Poolesville take pride and are committed to maintaining our roads. This ongoing maintenance consists of paving, patching, street cleaning and snow removal. Even when faced with drastic reductions in Highway User Funds (State tax funds supposed to be used for road maintenance), the Commissioners continued to fund nearly $300,000 per year to provide quality services that improve and enhance the safety of our community.

Currently, the Town schedules road projects every other year. In conjunction with that, the Town Engineer is tasked with inspecting and prioritizing these projects resulting in about a 20 year paving cycle.

While the Town roads consist of about 20 miles of asphalt, the County has jurisdiction and maintains  the following roads within the corporate limits:

  • Hughes Road (Westerly to Town Limits)
  • Westerly Avenue (Fisher to Hughes)
  • Budd Road
  • West Willard
  • Jerusalem Road
  • Cattail Lane

For anyone who has traveled these roads, the disparity in the level of maintenance between Town and County roads is clearly noticeable. The Commissioners continue to lobby the county for improvements, but have been told that road conditions and prioritized funding is aimed in other areas down County for the foreseeable future.

Wade Yost,
Town Manager