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Apr 04

Drinking Water Sustainability

Posted on April 4, 2017 at 2:50 PM by Wade Yost

How does the Town know about water sustainability? How does the Town protect our water? Will the Town grow into a Germantown and dry up the aquifer?

Short answers...We listen to the experts, we plan with the experts and a big NO!

First, I want to be clear that this report is not in defense of any proposed development. As a Town Staffer and Maryland State Licensed Water Supply Operator for over 23 years, I take it to heart when questions arise whether the Town is knowledgeable or have a plan in place for our water supply. Yes, the proposed Willshire brought up several excellent questions and was certainly the impetuous for preparing the attached Water Sustainability Report.
The Town has multiple layers of plans and implementation items to protect our most precious natural resource. Throughout the years, the Town has had the pleasure to work closely with State and consulting hydrologists to form the key issues and strategies in the report. This is an ongoing process of assessing vulnerabilities and implementing solutions. It is hopeful that this report will provide guidance and clarity to Town Planners and residents into the future well after my tenure.

The attached report has been reviewed and includes comments by the Maryland Department of the Environment Water Supply Program. It includes data and facts from multiple sources that provide a view into a plan that has been developing for the last 20 years.

While this read may cause drowsiness, it is an essential tool for the future planning of our Town.

Water Sustainability Report