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Zoning Code Compliance Permit Application

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  2. A Zoning Code Compliance Permit is a certification of property use and shall be required for any of the following activities: 

    • Construction, reconstruction, erection, extension, enlargement, conversion or structural alteration of any building, including accessory structures; 
    • Change in use of an existing building or accessory structure to a use of a different classification;
    • Occupancy and use of vacant land and existing structures; 
    • Change in the use of land to a use of a different classification; 
    • Any change in legally nonconforming use;
    • Fences (commercial and residential); and
    • Any temporary uses as defined under the Zoning Ordinance of the Town of Poolesville. 

    A Zoning Code Compliance Permit is issued subject to continued compliance with all requirements and conditions of the Zoning Ordinance and other regulations enacted by the Town of Poolesville, all as in effect at the time of issuance of the Zoning Permit, and may be revoked for noncompliance. 

    All Zoning Code Compliance applications will be approved in accordance with the procedures outlined under Zoning Ordinance 198. 

  3. Legal Description of the Subject Property (list all parcels that apply)
  4. Type of Construction: (please check)*
  5. Proposed Use: (please check)
  6. Questions 10-14 are only applicable to any type of construction activity. If you are not undertaking building activity skip to question 15.
  7. 10. Foundation Setbacks (from property lines)
  8. 11. Dimensions of Construction:
  9. in calendar days

  10. 14. Water and Sewer
  11. Questions 15-19 apply to Commercial Uses/Businesses Only
  12. provide both the type of use and the % of the property allocated to each use 

  13. 19. Available Parking (# of Spaces)
  14. 20. Fee Included:
  15. I hereby certify that the information shown herein is correct, and that the construction will comply with the approved plans, and I hereby acknowledge and accept this to be a condition for the issuance of this permit.*
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