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  1. About the Fair Access Committee

    The Fair Access Committee was established by the Town of Poolesville and local citizens in 2018 to educate county and state leaders about the failure to treat Western County and Poolesville citizens equitably when it comes to the services, programs, and facilities that are available to most county residents.  The first project the Committee focused on was ensuring that our nearly 100-year-old high school was reconstructed and modernized so our students have the tools and facilities they need to thrive and succeed.  The Committee has also been focused on pushing the County to build a community/senior center with a built-in clinic space to make it possible to offer needed medical and dental services nearby that are not easily accessible today.  It is now working hard to reopen White's Ferry.  The Committee's success is due to all of you in the community who have responded to our calls to contact county and state leaders and urge them to vote to support needed programs and services that will benefit the citizens of our area.  We periodically email our supporters who have volunteered to send emails and contact our public officials at critical moments as major policy issues that will benefit our area are considered.  Please fill in the form below if you would like to help, and thank you.

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