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  1. 2023 SpringFest Food Vendor Application
  2. Stevens Park Summer Recreation Program Parent/Guardian Acknowledgment

    This Summer Program Parent Guardian Acknowledgment form only summarizes the programs requirements. Parents will receive additional... More…

  3. Stevens Park Summer Recreation Program Registration Form
  1. Parks and Streets Naming Nomination Form

    This Form is to allow residents to submit names for nomination to be included in the list of approved names for naming parks and... More…

  2. Stevens Park Summer Recreation Program Pick Up Authorization Form

    This form identifies those who can pick up your child from the Stevens Park Summer Recreation Program.


    Camper Health History Form

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  1. Contact the Commissioners

    Send an email to all the commissioners.

Fair Access

  1. Fair Access

    If you would like to reach out to the Fair Access Committee, you can do so using this form.


  1. Chicken Coop Compliance Permit Application
  2. Park Facility Permit Application
  1. Food Truck Use Permit

    A Food Truck is a self-contained vehicle, trailer, cart, or similar conveyance from which prepared food or drink for human consumption... More…

  2. Zoning Code Compliance Permit Application

    A Zoning Code Compliance Permit is a certification of property use and shall be required for any of the following: • Construction,... More…