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Dec 13

[ARCHIVED] Public Works Department Prepare Snow Removal Equipment

The original item was published from December 13, 2016 2:04 PM to April 4, 2017 2:40 PM

Gray skies and plummeting temperatures predicted......feels like snow?????....With over 25 miles of roads, 46 cul-de-sacs and a handful of dedicated employees, Poolesville strives to provide residents with some of the best snow clearing operations around. IMG_20161213_120451707_HDR This year as with every year, snow equipment and routes are prepared for the season. Preston King, Director of Parks and Streets says he is developing alternative plans and bringing in additional help for the clearing of cul-de-sacs. "This is one of our more challenging removal operations and this year, we will focus on providing an improved service to these areas".

Trucks and drivers are assigned to specific neighborhoods in Town. Primary residential streets are cleared first followed by secondary then cul-de-sacs. Crews are in place a few hours prior to a predicted storm and do not leave until well after the event ends. Drivers try to make passes at least every two hours due to the size of Town trucks and must keep the snow from building up and getting to heavy to push. Our guys work long and hard hours......and take immense pride in their work.

How can you help?....Please be patient, sometimes a piece of equipment can go down and can be out of service for a short period, but we won't stop until roads are open. Vehicles parked on the street is one of the biggest obstructions drivers face.  Please move vehicles off-street during snow removal operations. Pedestrians in the roadways make for a dangerous situation also. Trucks with a load of snow on the blade cannot maneuver quickly, and if they have to come to a stop, it is difficult to get the snow load moving again.

The Public Works Department wants to thank the residents for their ongoing appreciation and patience.

Just another reason to love living in Poolesville