Fisher Avenue Streetscape

The genesis of the Poolesville Streetscape Plan began as early as 1990. While concept in nature, it was always valued as a tool to create a walkable, safe, and attractive downtown for pedestrians and vehicular travel alike. More attractive streetscapes also enhance economic development and bring about the small-town charm and sense of community everyone enjoys in Poolesville.

In 2005 and 2011 the plan was updated and adopted into the Town’s Comprehensive Plan. In 2018, the Commissioners tasked the Planning Commission with developing the concept plan to a more detailed, site plan. ARRO a streetscape engineering design firm was hired to assist the Town. Through a series of public meetings and community outreach efforts, the Plan was developed, as seen today, and was adopted by the Town Commissioners.

As the design process was underway, the Town was also in the process of taking ownership of Fisher Avenue from Elgin Road to Wootton Ave from the State. In many cases, State Highway regulations applied in busy urban areas do not always apply in more rural or small-town environments. As with several of the streetscape design features such as flashing crosswalk signs and raised intersections, they are not permissible for State owned roads. Poolesville leaders wanted to implement a streetscape without the design being overly influenced by others.

In early 2022, Town Staff assembled a grant package for the implementation of the Streetscape Plan and with the assistance of Congressman Trone and his team, the Town was awarded a $4,000,000.00 grant. Initial surveying and construction drawings are now underway.

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