2023 Road Paving Program

Poolesville roads are inspected and prioritized by a professional engineer. Once the roads are prioritized and a budget is set (usually $800,000), bid packages are sent out and projects awarded every two years, with an overall goal to repave each road every 20 years.  The next repaving schedule, due to begin early this Sumer will consist of repaving the following roads. The 2023 tentative paving schedule is listed below. The schedule may change due to adverse weather conditions.

Saw Cutting5/8/20232 Days
Asphalt Patching5/10/20232 Days
Street NameUtility AdjustmentsEdge MillingPaving
Mckernon Way5/17/20236/5/20236/20/2023
Selby Ct.6/8/20236/9/20236/23/2023
Westerly Ave.6/12/20236/12/20236/26/2023
Hughes Rd.6/14/20236/13/20236/28/2023
Koteen Way6/16/20236/19/20237/4/2023
Dr. Moore Ct.6/20/20236/20/20237/5/2023
Chiswell St.6/22/20236/21/20237/6/2023
Butler Rd.6/26/20236/26/20237/11/2023
Sumter Way6/28/20236/28/20237/12/2023
Oxley Farm Rd.6/30/20236/29/20237/14/2023

In addition to these road section improvements, the paving contractor will be installing permeant patches in areas where recent utility work has taken place along Fisher Avenue, Elgin Road and in several neighborhood streets.