Village Overlay Zone


One of the goals of the Master Plan is to address ways to accommodate and manage an increase in housing in the Town Center, which may result in smaller residential zoning. 

The Poolesville Planning Commission has discussed numerous elements and factors which should be considered for a zoning classification which would “overlay” an existing zoning designation to allow development and re-development consistent with the goals of the Master Plan, while providing flexibility for innovative concepts and designs. 

The Commissioners of Poolesville having monitored, supported and fostered the Poolesville Planning Commission’s effort to create an overlay zone have reviewed the proposal and recommendation and believe that adopting such an overlay zone would be in the best interests of the citizens of Poolesville by allowing for a structured, yet flexible design concept, which would only be permitted where certain conditions and criteria are met.


The purpose of the Village Overlay Zone is to create and maintain an economically and culturally viable downtown business district, by making an active effort to provide walkable neighborhoods containing a range of housing in an attractive, relevant downtown commercial setting. Part of that effort includes a comprehensive set of design standards that can be used to direct and evaluate future development endeavors in the Commercial Zone. It is also recognized that enhanced building design projects a positive image that attracts users to the downtown area and will contribute to the vitality and economic success of Poolesville’s service providers, retailers and restaurants.

This Concept will also promote infill development which offers an excellent opportunity to strengthen development patterns and fill in the gaps.  Vacant and underdeveloped lands interrupt the street wall and prevent suitable definition of the street, a condition commonly referred to as ‘missing teeth.’ Infill projects will visually unify the street through the development of these properties. The best infill projects are characterized by good design—both in terms of architecture and linkages with the surrounding neighborhood. With good design, these projects can help improve an area that is thriving or reinvigorate one that has declined over the years.

Ordinance, Zoning Code Text and Design Manual

Please refer to the 2015 ordinance that established the Village Overlay Zone as well as the complete text of this addition to the Poolesville Zoning Code for details.

Please refer to the Village Overlay Design Manual for details on the design standards that must be met in order to be deemed "eligible" for the Village Overlay Zone.