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The Maryland Municipal League created the Geocache Trail to promote awareness of and visits to Maryland's cities and towns, with the goal of helping to stimulate economic development in Maryland municipalities.

Poolesville had 6 visitors to our cache last month.

Here are some of the messages visitors left for us:
  • We ended up taking White's Ferry back to Virginia. The kids liked the fact that we got to drive up onto a boat
  • The ferry ride made the trip to Poolesville entertaining. Poolesville itself seems like a charming town - we will have to come back and spend more time here.
  • What a nice town. I will have to spend some time over here in the spring.
  • We were both born and raised in Maryland and this was our first visit to Poolesville. The area is very charming and we plan to return when the weather is a bit warmer.
  • A very picturesque town all draped in white. (Boy was it snowing)
  • Poolesville was a beautiful place to visit. The drive down the rolling country roads to reach the cache was delightful.
  • Poolesville looked a lot different from the last time we were here. It seems to have a lot of new development. The new Town Hall is beautiful.
  • The drive to Poolesville was beautiful. I love this little town. Thanks for the Poolesville pin.
  • I haven't driven thru Poolesville in a very long time. I loved the hide.
  • I was on my way to Sugarloaf so I made a quick stop.
  • After the find in this charming little town we ate at McDonald's and took a Ferry ride.
  • I have not been back to Poolesville since 5/25/69 (never mind the reason I recall the precise date)... and I was astonished at how little it has changed.
  • Lovely little town - thanks.
  • If one of the MML's goals is to bring in business it worked. Ok it was only McDonald's, but it is still the first meal I have eaten in Poolesville. Before we stopped we drove by someplace that was pumping out some delicious smells. Had time been on our side...
  • It had been a long day already but i knew at least one cache needed to be found. My friend was planning to head to Poolesville, which ironically has always been a town I wanted to visit. My first year of teaching I met a very special student whose family had just moved from there, and since then the mention of Poolesville has always brought to mind memories of him. Thanks for giving me an excuse to come visit a place I have always wondered about.
  • Beautiful Town! I misread it as "Coolesville" and it was.
  • I was visiting my friends for Poolesville Day. Of course I had to find the Poolesville Cache on Poolesville Day!