LED Streetlights

This is an exciting time for Poolesville as we are embarking  on several fronts to foster conservation, smart energy and green initiatives. A pilot project consisting of LED streetlight installation is just another way that we are able to demonstrate how even a small Town such as ours can champion green initiatives.

The LED streetlight replacement project along Wootton Avenue in the Wesmond Subdivision allows the Town to replace the oldest streetlights, a mix of mercury and sodium, with much more efficient fixtures. The lighting is much improved and with the new "dark sky" compliant fixtures that specifically direct light downward, allows us to reduce light pollution.

One hurdle facing the Town was developing a whole new rate structure for unmetered LED lights. The Town  in conjunction with Potomac Edison and the Public Service Commission developed a rate structure that would work for all parties. Elected officials, both at the local and State assisted in this initiative. We are proud to announce that Poolesville is the first municipality in Maryland to obtain a LED rate and to the tune of $1.00 per light per month.

LED Street Light