Poolesville High School (PHS) has been ranked #1 for the last three years by Newsweek magazine. Poolesville High School is ranked #96 in the entire United States.   Newsweek ranks all public high schools in the nation each year based on the following six criteria:
• Graduation rate (25%) 
• College matriculation rate (25%) 
• AP tests taken per graduate (25%) 
• Average SAT/ACT scores (10%) 
• Average AP/IB scores (10%) 
• AP courses offered per graduate (5%)

The Washington Post Challenge Index has ranked Poolesville High School as the #1 high school in the tri-state area (Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC) for the last three years.
US News and World Report has ranked Poolesville High School 7th in the United States in regard to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education.  

Poolesville High School



PHS offers courses beyond Advanced Placement (AP).  Such courses include:  Analysis 1, Analysis of Algorithms, Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Cellular Physiology, Computer Graphics (JAVA), Computer Modeling and Simulation, Guided Research – Robotics, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with LISP, Guided Research in Cyber-forensics, Introduction to Genetic Analysis, Introduction to Physical Chemistry, Linear Algebra, Multi-variable  Calculus, Optics, Quantum Physics, Thermodynamics, Writing Mobile Applications and Vector Calculus.

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