Planning the Budget

The Town of Poolesville’s fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30. Town budgets for each year are carefully crafted in a process that starts in the late fall of each year and ends after public hearings and the commissioners’ approval in the early spring.

The budget represents the overall plan for allocating city resources to a variety of programs. These resources are necessary to protect the community's physical security, enhance the quality of life, and also provide for significant capital investments back into the community to enjoy and use for generations to come. The budget defines and sets in motion capital investments and service levels that create a lasting and positive legacy for our community.

Annual Operating Budget

The Town of Poolesville’s annual budget consists of 2 primary components: the General Fund and the Water and Wastewater Fund. Both components of the budget address revenue, operating expenses and capital projects.

The operating component of the General Fund is funded primarily through two major revenue sources, local property taxes and income taxes. Several other revenue sources include cellular antenna space lease, revenue sharing from both State and County and interest income. Capital projects are funded from a combination of general revenues, impact fees and grants. The general operating budget covers 1 fiscal year, which begins July 1.
The operating component of the Water and Waste Water Fund is funded primarily through water and wastewater user fees, with the goal of being self-sustaining. Capital projects are funded from a combination of general revenues, impact fees and loans.
Each January, the President of the Commissioners and the Town Manager develop and submit a draft annual budget. Through a series of public work sessions, the Commissioners amend the draft in preparation for a public hearing. Once the public hearing for both the tax rate and annual budget are completed, the Commissioners review public comments, make adjustments as needed and adopt.
Throughout the year, the Town Manager prepares and presents budget updates and quarterly reports. At the end of each fiscal year, a closeout is presented and made available to the public.

Capital Planning Budget

The Town of Poolesville regularly undertakes projects to improve public facilities and infrastructure for the benefit of citizens. Collectively, these projects are referred to as the Capital Improvements Program (CIP). Projects in the CIP may include the construction and renovation of city facilities, such as parks or wells; repaving of streets; replacement of water and wastewater lines. For more information, refer to the Capital Projects sections in the town budget.

Past & Present Budgets

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Annual Budget Closeouts

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