Accessing Records & Information
The Town of Poolesville is committed to providing the public convenient access to accurate information about Town operations. A wide variety of commonly requested documents are available on this website, through the following tools:
  • Public Notices: Announcing upcoming meetings or public hearings. Please note that while many public notices are available on our website, the Town's official public noticing location is the side door to Town Hall.
  • Agenda Center: Features all current Agendas and Minutes: For Town Commissioners and Boards and Commissions.
  • Document Center: Features Town documents organized by topic or department. These include promotional forms and flyers, downloadable forms, strategic plans, community development materials, and more.
  • Archive Center: Features historical copies of Town documents organized by topic or department. These include budgets, audit reports, water quality reports and more.
The Town Clerk’s office is the official contact for requesting public records that are not provided on this website.

Popular Documents

Here are some frequently referenced town documents. To browse all Town documents please visit both the Document Center and the Archive Center.

Note that as of 2016, copies of all Ordinances and Resolutions (i.e. legislation) are stored in the Document Center as submitted to and/or approved by the Commissioners. Many of these pieces of legislation eventually find their way into updated copies of the Town Charter, Town Code or other higher-level documents. These higher-level documents are updated infrequently (annually in general). Therefore a search of this site may return an actual Ordinance document as well as the applicable higher-level document to which the Ordinance applies.