Planning Commission

Member & Meeting Information
The Planning Commission consists of 5 town residents of which one is a Commissioner of Poolesville an serves in an ex officio capacity. The volunteer members serve for 5-year terms and meet the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

Agendas & Minutes
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Responsibilities of the Planning Commission
  • Works with the community to craft a comprehensive plan that establishes a vision, goals, objectives, and strategies to guide the future development of the town.
  • Executes the plan by creating and applying appropriate implementation tools. Working proactively, the Planning Commission recognizes and seizes opportunities to affect growth and development consistent with the comprehensive plan.
  • Recommends amendments to the Zoning Ordinance, which establishes regulations for the use of land and standards for development within town.
  • Recommends amendments to the Subdivision Regulations, which govern the division of a parcel or parcels of land and may also include additional requirements for development. Development regulations supplement zoning and subdivision regulations with additional requirements for development, such as roads and sidewalks.
  • Reviews and makes decisions on subdivision requests and site plans, and it has the power to approve, deny, or approve with conditions, basing the decision on applicable zoning codes, subdivision regulations, and development regulations.
  • Reviews and makes recommendations to the Board of Zoning Appeals on variances and special exceptions.
The Poolesville Commissioners and the Planning Commission share the responsibility for directing future growth in the town. In many cases, the Planning Commission makes recommendations to the Commissioners, and the legislative body takes final action on adoption of plans and ordinances.