Ethics Commission

Member Information

The Ethics Commission consists of 3 registered voters of the town and shall not hold any other office in the town government during their 5 year term of office. The commission works closely with the Town Attorney except in instances where the potential for conflict of interest exists.


The commission shall have the following responsibilities and authority:
  • To devise, receive and maintain all forms generated by the Ethics Ordinance.
  • To provide published advisory opinions to persons subject to this Ethics Ordinance; and further, to provide advisory opinions to persons not subject to the Ethics Ordinance in its discretion when it deems appropriate.
  • To process and make determinations as to complaints filed by any person alleging violations.
  • Conduct a public information program regarding the purposes and application of the Ethics Ordinance.
  • To grant exemptions and modifications to the conflict of interest and financial disclosure provisions.
  • To investigate any incident occurring where there is reasonable grounds to believe there may be a violation.
  • To conduct hearings, issue summonses and subpoenas, and administer oaths and affirmations.
  • To adopt regulations and establish procedures to implement the Ethics Ordinance.
  • To develop appropriate forms and instructions for the making of financial disclosure and other functions of the Commission.
  • To initiate complaints and/or investigations on its own motion where it has reason to believe a violation exists.


Emails may be sent to