Fair Access


The Committee meets twice per month, typically prior to Commissioner Meetings.

Agendas & Minutes

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The Committee is tasked with the following duties:
  • Actively engage County and State elected representatives to promote fair access to facilities and services provided elsewhere in the County.
  • Develop and make recommendations to the Commissioners of Poolesville for measures that can be implemented to promote the needs of Poolesville and the Western Montgomery County Community. 
  • Based on proposed activities and capital projects related to the Committee’s purpose, prepare and submit annual budget recommendations to the Commissioners of Poolesville.
  • Develop recommendations for promotional activities and events for new lobbying efforts and if circumstances require, recommend budget modifications to the Commissioners of Poolesville.
  • Act as a liaison between the Town Government and the Western Montgomery County Community.

Fair Access Committee

The Fair Access Committee composed of up to (7) members. Members may be non-residents; however, the majority of the Committee must be residents of the Town Poolesville. A staff representative from the Town shall meet with and assist the Committee as a non-voting participant.  The term of office of each member shall be two (2) years and shall commence on January 1.  Members shall serve until their successors are appointed.  No member shall receive any compensation for his or her service.

Fair Access Committee Presentations

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Fair Access Committee Letters


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