A Municipal Corporation
The Town of Poolesville is a municipal corporation as described in Article XI-E of the Constitution of Maryland. The powers, duties and structure of the town government are codified in the town charter as provided for in Article 23A of the Annotated Code of Maryland.

Commission Form of Government

The Town of Poolesville is a commission form of government, as defined in the Poolesville Town Charter, consisting of five unpaid elected commissioners. The 5 elected commissioners choose a president and a vice president. The president of the commissioners, or the vice president in case of the absence of the president, is the head of the town government with the duties and responsibilities specified in the charter.

Management of the Town

While the government, with its elected officials, is responsible for the overall operation of the town, the day-to-day management of the town is overseen by an appointed town manager. In addition to the elected officials, the town manager and town staff there are a number of town boards and commissions comprised of appointed, civic-minded community members that all play a vital role in continuing to make Poolesville a great place to live or do business.