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Posted on: May 2, 2019

Town Removes Dying Ash Trees

Poolesville is in the process of contracting with a tree expert for the removal of several ash trees on Town Property along many of the wooded areas near pedestrian trails and private properties. We will also be removing several ash street trees that are also infected. The trees have been infected with the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), which is a serious threat to Maryland ash trees. It has killed many millions of ash trees across the Mid-West and Eastern U.S and is well-established in Maryland.

The EAB is an invasive pest from Asia that feeds on and kills ash trees. EAB will kill even large ash trees within a few years of infestation. Ash trees are one of the most common and important landscaping trees used in Maryland and are common in western Maryland forests.

The Presence of the EAB typically goes undetected until trees show symptoms of being infested – usually the upper third of a tree will thin and then die back. This is usually followed by a large number of shoots or branches arising below the dead portions of the trunk. Other symptoms of infestation include: small D-shaped exit holes in the bark where adults have emerged, vertical splits in the bark, and distinct serpentine-shaped tunnels beneath the bark in the cambium, where larvae effectively stop food and water movement in the tree, starving it to death. Trees exhibiting more than 50 percent canopy decline (thinning or dieback) are unlikely to recover even if treated with a highly effective systemic insecticide.

It was noted through the inspection process that many ash trees on private property were also dying or dead already .

The tree removal process has begun and a street tree replanting plan of native species will be developed and implemented this fall.

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