2016 Road Paving Program

This year's repaving schedule due to begin late summer/early fall will consist of repaving the following roads.

Wootton Heights
Lilli Street, Beatriz Avenue, Christer Street and Anita Court.

Elizabeth's Delight
Haller Avenue, Haller Court, Hickman Street, and Hickman Way.

Shannon Way, Hempstone Avenue, Dowden Circle, Collier Circle, Soper Street, Whitaker Road, Dowden Way, Collier Way, Walters and Hempstone Court.

Roads are inspected and prioritized by a professional engineer every two years.

Milling & Paving Schedule

Friday August 26h – Move Milling machine to staging area (Stevens Park), post no parking signs on all streets to be milled and paved with appropriate dates on them


 Wesmond Subdivision


Milling - Monday August 29th to Thursday September 1st

Paving - Tuesday August 30th  to Friday September 2nd


Elizabeth's Delight


Milling - Friday September 2nd & Tuesday September 6th 

Paving - Tuesday September 6th & Wednesday 7th


Wootton Heights


Milling - Wednesday September 7th to Friday September 9th

Paving - Thursday September 8th to Friday September 9th

All Cars must be removed from parking areas

Parking is permitted at Dr. Dillingham Park and along Wootton Avenue.


Schedule is tentative and could change by a day or so either way depending on productivity and unforeseen issues